Ladies of Splendor is a platform that provides a safe space for young women in leadership to get together, learn, share their stories and be empowered through training and mentorship.

We believe in a Kenya where women have equal access and opportunity to participate in policy and the decision-making processes within the social, economic and political spheres of society in order to make their contribution to national sustainable development.

But right now, the reality is that women are grossly under-represented in all national processes and less than 2% of Kenyan women are actively influencing policy and decision-making. Unfortunately, this is denying society the chance to benefit from the amazing potential of women in leadership. By extension, girls grow up with a skewed worldview of who they can become or do. This limited ambition is passed on from one generation to another and it is fatal!

The root causes of this problem are cultural stereotypes that relegate women to the private sphere, lack of capacity and training, fewer role models, negative perception of women in leadership roles, limited access to education, limited access to opportunities for leadership and lack of confidence.

The root cause we would like to solve is; lack of capacity and exposure, fewer role models and lack of confidence.

Our Programs

This is a time-proven strategy that helps young people to achieve their potential. This is done through support, counsel, friendship, reinforcement and constructive example. We run mentorship programs in three stages:

1. Young professionals

We mentor young professionals on how to place themselves strategically for influential positions. Very few women have secured top management leadership. We recruit young women and train them on how to improve gender issues in organizations and influence opinion leaders. Other topical areas include sharing best practices globally and pairing the mentees with mentors who act as role models. This allows proper interaction, professional networks and removes many of the barriers that prevent women from achieving career goals.

2. Newly graduates

Newly graduates face challenges in leadership/career positions. Ladies of Splendor organizes workshop on job preparedness. The young women graduates are equipped with skills on how to successfully seek, gain and retain employment. The program also exposes the women to potential employers.

3. Students in institutions of higher learning

Ladies of Splendor recruits young women from institutions of higher learning who are in leadership positions and enroll them in a one-year leadership program. The leaders are trained on all aspects of outstanding leadership. The program includes; exchange programs/public service, Research and field visits and motivational talks. We pair the students with mentors who assist them in personal branding and negotiation skills.

Our vision is to see a world where young leaders are empowered and inspired to exploit their full potential and participate effectively in decision making processes at all levels of society.


Get Involved

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As A Mentor

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As A Mentee

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